Certified organic

All of our food is KRAV certified (certified organic) and marked with national and international symbols for organic food such as, for example, the Euro leaf that is the EU symbol for organic products.

Because social responsibility and human rights are important to us, we have chosen to certify ourselves in order to use the Swedish KRAV symbol on our products.  We have done this since KRAV places higher demands on us and on our suppliers than the organic symbol does. The KRAV symbol implies, of course, that crops are grown in an environmentally friendly manner, without chemical pesticides/ herbicides or artificial fertilizers; that the grower produces in a better working environment, that the food neither contains peculiar additives nor has been GMO produced.

In comparison with the EU’s minimal regulations for organic production – the EU organic symbol, the Euro leaf – KRAV places far-reaching regulations on climate and social responsibility. Regardless of whether the KRAV marked product comes from Sweden or another country, KRAV requires that working environments are good.  If this requirement is not met, the product cannot earn the KRAV certification.  This pertains to all the links in the entire chain, from farm to table. An important bonus in this context is that workers who produce in KRAV certified facilities are not exposed to toxic pesticides and herbicides on a daily basis.

In this way, you know that your child’s organic food is free from chemical pesticides and herbicides.

Read more about KRAV at: www.krav.se