About us - our story

Alex&Phil was founded in 2015 by me, Jenny Wessblad Hårdh.

Vocationally, my background was at the Swedish foreign ministry as a public rights lawyer. Since my youth, I have always sensed a deep commitment to human rights, and through my work at the foreign ministry, I was privileged to work within international law through the UN, the EU, and the Council of Europe. It was truly enjoyable and enriching, and, naturally, it was interesting to work with current issues of importance from a global perspective.  However, my interest in food always remained.


Then everything changed…

But, when our son Alexander was born, my entire worldview changed. I was on maternity leave as long as it was possible; I wanted to enjoy every possible moment with our little baby.  It felt as if a whole new, wonderful world opened itself to me, and I felt strongly that it was in this field – with children, children’s development, health and food – that I wanted to be active and make a difference. And, as is the case with many parents of small children, I felt that I wanted to help other children who were less fortunate.

During an overseas visit with our son Alexander, the idea for Alex&Phil was born. For the most part, I had previously prepared my own baby food for our son Alexander. But, outside the country, I discovered another type of baby food that was not available in Sweden. What stood out to me the most was that the food tasted like real food; like food that I would be able to eat myself, a fact that actually should have been obvious. Why should we offer our children – our most precious gifts – something that we would never consider eating ourselves?


From concept to reality …

During my next maternity leave with Alex’s little brother Philip, I decided to start a baby food company with my husband Robert; exactly the type of children’s food company that I had been looking for myself.

The company is designed in the way that we think a modern company should be: environmentally friendly and with a clear sense of social responsibility. It was clear from the start that our company would be called Alex&Phil: our sons are themselves the reason for this idea. Without them, there never would have been a baby food company.

In addition, it is Alexander, Philip, and their friends who have been a part of developing our recipes. Their desires and views have been weighed heavily and they are absolutely committed!

Taste, quality and sustainability

Our aim is to make genuinely high quality baby food that tastes homemade and is, at least, just as nutritious as the food that you, yourself, make for your children. As a parent to young children, it is not often possible to find the time to prepare your own baby food each day. That’s why it’s important to be able buy food which is so good, that you can feel secure in the fact that you are actually offering your child the best food they can possibly get.

Alex&Phil’s baby food is honest. Our food contains no rice, no rice flour, no juice concentrate, no ascorbic acid, no sugar, nor any salt.  It is carefully made, based on the nutritional needs of small children. We are the only baby food company that bears the Swedish Ä-mark (symbol for authenticity). This symbol is awarded by the Äkta Vara (authentic, all-natural product) association, to companies whose products do not contain additives, artificial fragrances, or industrial ingredients. All of our food is organic and is marked with relevant national and international symbols for organic food, such as, for example, the Euro leaf.

We have really enjoyed our positive growth and we are now a fully family-operated company! It is fantastically rewarding to read all the kind and positive letters that parents send us daily with accounts of how much their children love our food!