A Mix of Our Smoothies & Porridges (6x100g)

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An excellent start package with six different flavours in one package:

1x100g Our Organic Apple & Cinnamon Porridge
1x100g Our Organic Strawberry & Vanilla Porridge
1x100g Our Organic Pear & Cardamom Porridge

1x100g Our Organic Blueberry & Vanilla Smoothie
1x100g Our Organic Sea Buckthorn & Mango Smoothie
1x100g Our Organic Peach & Vanilla Smoothie

See each respective product for a list of contents.

Organic. Dairy and gluten-free. Vegan-friendly.

From 6 months. 6x100g.

For every 6-pack you buy, we donate to children in need.

We offset our carbon emissions to compensate our carbon footprint. The pouches are mainly made of renewable, plant-based materials, such as sugarcanes.

Once opened, refrigerate for up to 24 hours. Warning: The cap could be a potential choking hazard. Do not eat if the pouch is damaged or inflated.

Developed and designed in Sweden, produced in the EU for Alex&Phil AB.

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