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Our Organic Strawberry & Vanilla Porridge (5x100g)

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Our summery strawberry porridge is almost entirely half strawberries, which are then blended with pressed pomegranate and apple. It is gluten-free, with hearty oats and rapeseed oil, which make up the base for this porridge; their essential fatty acids are good for your child’s growth and development. Finally, this porridge is flavoured with real vanilla.

Ingredients: Organic strawberries 40%, organic apples 32%, organic apple juice (not from concentrate) 12,5%, organic gluten-free OATmeal 6,5%, organic pomegranate juice (not from concentrate) 5%, organic rapeseed (canola) oil 4%, organic vanilla 0,05%.

Nutrition Facts / 100g: Calories 424 kJ/101 kcal, Total Fat 4,6g (Saturated Fat 0,4g), Carbohydrates 14g, Sugars 8,6g (only naturally occurring sugars), Protein 1,3g, Sodium <0,03g (only naturally occurring sodium).

Our Organic Strawberry & Vanilla Porridge contains essential fatty acids that are needed for normal growth and development of children. It contains 0,3 g α-linolenic acid (ALA) and 0,9 linoleic acid (LA). The beneficial effect is obtained with a daily intake of 2 g of ALA and 10 g of LA.

Organic. Dairy and gluten-free. Vegan-friendly.

From 6 months. 5x100g.

For every 5-pack you buy, we donate to children in need.

We offset our carbon emissions to compensate our carbon footprint. The pouch and cap are mainly made of renewable, plant-based materials, such as sugarcanes.

Once opened, refrigerate for up to 24 hours. Warning: The cap could be a potential choking hazard. Do not eat if the pouch is damaged or inflated.

Developed and designed in Sweden, produced in the EU for Alex&Phil AB.

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Our baby girl eats these straight up, from the pouch, in a matter of minutes! Great start to her morning, especially when we're on the go. Also something we like to give at night, as she sleeps well through the night.
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