Our Organic Carrot & Mango Veggie Smoothie (5x100g) Carrot & Mango Smoothie Carrot & Mango Smoothie

Our Organic Carrot & Mango Veggie Smoothie (5x100g)


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Organic carrots 44%,
organic peach 31%,
organic mango 15%,
organic amaranth 6%,
organic rapeseed (canola) oil 4%.

Nutrition Facts / 100g:
Calories 401 kJ/96 kcal,
Total Fat 4,6g (Saturated Fat 1,3g),
Carbohydrates 11g,
Sugars 6,3g (only naturally occurring sugars),
Protein 1,4g,
Sodium <0,01g (only naturally occurring sodium),
Vitamin E 2,1 mg,
Folate 16,8 μg.

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Our baby girl eats these straight up, from the pouch, in a matter of minutes! This is a great mid-day snack for her.
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