About us

Organic baby food from scratch

We want to change

We, Jenny and Robert, are trained lawyers who have worked for democracy and human rights most of our lives. When our boys were born, we were surprised by the nutrient-poor and tasteless baby food on the store shelves. We decided to make a change. With our baby food, we want to give the power to grow when it is most needed. We started a company that makes real food, with natural and nutritious ingredients. We named it after our sons, Alexander and Philip.

First food launched

Our first three products are launched in retail stores, a porridge and two smoothies. At the same time, we open our Swedish webshop. Already in the same year, our products are widely launched at the major chains in Sweden.

Our first meals

Our range has grown to six products and these are now complemented by three smoothies, and six meals. We are the first brand on the market with meals rich in protein.

We are expanding internationally

We are changing our pouches-packaging to a more climate-friendly version made mainly from renewable, plant-based materials. We also adapt the design to all Nordic languages and our food starts to be sold in the two major chains in Finland.

First in Sweden

In collaboration with Swedish Tetra Pak, we are launching Sweden's first food for children in tetra packaging, which reduces CO2 impact with over 80%, compared to the outdated glass and metal baby food jar. The meals are being widely launched at chains in Sweden, Norway and Finland.

First in the world

The world's first ready-to-eat porridge in Tetra Recart® is launched in two versions, one with apple and one with blueberry. Both are rich in oats and millet and thanks to our own cold-pressed rapeseed oil, the two porridges are sources of healthy omega 3 fatty acids.

The first 1000 days

Research shows that what the mother and baby eat in the first 1000 days of pregnancy is important for their development. Nutritious food comes from good and naturally nutritious ingredients. If the ingredients are also organic, we create the best conditions for both the child and the world they grow up in. Good and tasty food gives us happier children.

Nutrient density

A good rule of thumb is that the food your child eats should contain at least 100 well-balanced calories (kcal) per 100 grams. This is what, for example,...

Joy of eating

Most parents refuse to taste that scary, homogeneous mess in the glass jar. How did this happen? Why does ....


Alex&Phil's food is organic. It has been from the beginning and always will be. Our commitment to sustainability...