Student and two time national champion in trail running

Johanna Gelfgren

Even though I don't have children yet, it feels good that I've already found products that contain pure, organic ingredients with no fuss and no fillers. This is the kind of food I believe is best for both adults and children.

Johanna Gelfgren, national champion in trail running

Hello Johanna! Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I live with my partner in Gothenburg where I am studying to be a nurse. My big interest is running and I have been focusing on trail running for some time now. Before, my focus was mainly on ultra running where you run distances of marathon or longer, but nowadays I run mixed distances. I'm almost always in the forest on my runs and think it's the best there is. I've represented Sweden at two World Championships so far and won two gold medals in the trail running nationals.

Why did you choose Alex&Phil's food?

When you train a lot and especially when you run long distances, it is important to fill up with energy during the workout and preferably not only snacks high in sugars. Consuming large amounts of sugar can feel justified in a competition but on a daily basis it is important for me to get energy that is good for me.

I first came into contact with Alex&Phil's products a few years ago when I wanted to find a good, compact and nutritious product to bring when running or cross country skiing. After exhausting many other options, I scanned the baby food shelf to see if anything could fulfill these criteria and found Alex&Phil. I started using the pouches for almost all my long runs and found it worked very well - I could always get a smoothie even if I didn't feel like eating. The advantage of Alex&Phil's food is that, in addition to tasting good, it contains some type of grain such as quinoa, oatmeal or millet and some rapeseed oil. This increases the nutrient density and provides nice and even energy.

How important is sustainability to you?

In addition to being a sustainable choice for me, I also think it is important that it should be a sustainable choice for the planet. Therefore, it feels very nice to collaborate with Alex&Phil, which is a family business that does not compromise on either quality or sustainability, both in terms of content and packaging.

Although I do not yet have children, it feels good that I have already found products that contain pure, organic ingredients without fuss and filler ingredients. This is the kind of food that I believe is best for both adults and children. I can highly recommend all adults to try a smoothie for a snack sometime on the go or in connection with the training session because it is good and balanced energy for both kids and adults!