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Joy of eating

Taste the baby food

Many parents don't even want to taste the food they serve their babies. How did this happen? Why do we give our children, the most precious thing we have, food we don't want to taste?

For children, food is not just fuel, it is a chance to discover the world through their senses. That's why at Alex&Phil we want to prepare our food with real ingredients that you would have in your pantry. We don't shy away from exciting flavors that challenge and develop the taste buds, in fact, we believe it helps create happier kids.

Discovering flavours

Introducing children to different flavors from an early age is giving them a gift that lasts a lifetime. By allowing them to explore a variety of flavors, we create a strong foundation for their dietary habits and enrich their food experience.

Testing textures

In order for children to develop their taste buds and curiosity, it is equally important to offer food with different textures. At the beginning of the food journey, purees are the norm, but as your child develops, you can offer cooked vegetables and pancakes made with wholemeal flour.

Have fun

Last but not least, eating should be fun. Children's eating habits are often a major source of stress for parents, but take your time and let your child explore for themselves. It doesn't matter if the food ends up outside the mouth and it gets messy, it's part of the process.